"We in the Evans Group rely on Spartan for all our needs in computational molecular orbital theory... Spartan's high-quality graphics and ease-of-use have greatly facilitated our studies." Professor Dave Evans, Harvard University

"I use Spartan in my physical chemistry laboratory to introduce students to modern computational chemistry. I use Spartan in my research group as well. All of the methods needed are available, and easy to use." George Shields, Lake Forest University

"Spartan is the best molecular modeling program available for both teaching and research. Everyone should try this program." Mary Boyd, Loyola University of Chicago

"Using Spartan is as much a part of my everyday routine as using a piece of chalk or my word processor. It's how I do chemistry now." Alan Shusterman, Reed College

"Spartan is becoming an important part of our undergraduate teaching program. Students master the program quickly and are fascinated by the graphical representations of the results." Scott Gronert, San Francisco State University

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Spartan 14 (Windows)

Spartan 14 delivers a significant performance boost and many enhancements and new features whilst maintaining unrivalled ease of use. Spartan has a wide range of features including conformational searching, calculation of structure, energies, and properties, and quantifying 3-D molecular similarity. See the Spartan 14 PDF Brochure »

Minimum System Requirements: Modern Intel or AMD Athlon Processors 2 GB RAM (2 GB per core recommended for Parallel Suite) Windows Vista, Win 7 or 8, 60 GB disk space, 1024 x 768 (or higher) graphics resolution

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