We are pleased to announce the release of Spartan 14. It delivers a performance boost and many new features whilst maintaining Spartan’s unrivalled ease of use. Spartan facilitates a wide range of computational chemistry tasks, including conformational searching, calculation of structure, energies, and properties, and quantifying 3-D molecular similarity.

Spartan from Wavefunction Inc

“We in the Evans Group rely on Spartan for all our needs in computational molecular orbital theory… Spartan’s high-quality graphics and ease-of-use have greatly facilitated our studies.”

Professor Dave Evans, Harvard University

Spartan from Wavefunction is a general purpose modelling tool that uses modern computational methods to provide researchers with quantitative data on a molecular structure, energy, reactivity, selectivity and a wide range of molecular properties. With a single GUI (graphical user interface)/computational engine Spartan provides users with a molecular modelling tool which is both comprehensive and user friendly.

With unsurpassed visualisation and a wide range of well documented computational methods in a single user-friendly software tool, Spartan delivers the full power of molecular modelling to chemists everywhere.

In Spartan from Wavefunction you access molecular modelling, calculations and analysis from within one user friendly interface.